Speak English With NEEPO is a digital eLearning English speaking course for learners that speak little or no English.  It uses the power of New English Phonetic Orthography NEPO (NEEPO) to teach learners how to speak English quickly, correctly and fluently.  Traditional English Orthography TEO (TEEO) is the way traditional English is spelled.

This digital eLearning course is for non-English to very limited English speakers. It takes them to a low-intermediate level English speaking ability or possibly higher depending on student diligence and teacher interaction. It is a built-in grammar, English immersion system that utilizes the power of New Phonetics.

With Speak English With NEEPO, students accomplish in 72 hours of instruction what takes up to 7 years to accomplish using traditional methods of instruction. A NEEPO trained student will progress faster in English communication skills (speaking, reading and spelling) than learners who have not taken this eLearning course.

NEEPO allows the school to effectively reach more students with less teachers. It is the most “cost-efficient” and “effective” educational product available to teach learners how to speak English from a beginning level.

This eLearning Course is made up of 7 Modules with Sections of content for each of those, which cover basic fundamental curriculum content necessary for beginning English speakers to be able to learn to speak English at the low-intermediate level

Great for corporate training, call centers and newcomer ESL programs in schools.  You can easily enroll many students at once.  Contact us for multiple enrollments.

This is a perfect preparation for the TOEFL test, which is a requirement to get accepted into many educational institutions.

ESL teachers can act as facilitators. Facilitator training is required and provided.

Enroll your students today for $49.99/month. Contact us for multiple enrollments.

Informational Site for ESL Teachers: Learn why ESL teachers need Speak English With NEEPO.

 “Phonetic Literacy is one of the most profound inventions, technologies of human kind.” – Mark Federman Ph.D.