Why Speak English With NEEPO? – It gets results quickly!!

Speak English With NEEPO is a digital eLearning English speaking course for learners that speak little or no English. It uses the power of New English Phonetic Orthography NEPO (NEEPO) to teach learners how to speak English quickly, correctly and fluently.

Speak English With NEEPO is unique. We zero in on getting non-English speakers up and running SPEAKING English correctly with automatic fluency of speech by making English readable with NEPO (NEEPO), New English Phonetic Orthography, which makes English 100% pure, regular, and readable almost instantly. NEEPO makes English easy to read, therefore easy to speak.  This “reading ability” that NEEPO makes possible for the learner makes for a type of ESL instruction otherwise impossible in the the past.

Learners are taught the 36 sounds of English and the 10 combination sounds with their corresponding symbols to form words, sentences, and pattern drills.  This is how the magic begins and never ends.

It is NOT Phonics. Phonics teaches the sounds that letters make, which is very confusing because many letters in the English Language make multiple sounds. Unlike Phonics, NEEPO is 100% consistent and regular making it easy to read English in order to speak it with correct pronunciation, resulting in little or no accent.  We call it “instant reading ability” even though the text is not written the way traditional English is spelled.

The cutting-edge phonetic methodology, NEEPO, that is used in this eLearning course and the content structure contained therein accelerates learners to speak English the way it is spoken by native speakers, including minimizing the accent in as little as 72 hours of speaking practice.

Correct grammar is built-in. The learner acquires understanding and gains comprehension skills by associating the content with pictures, sounds, translation and traditional English.

The use of the “NEEPO” phonetic writing system in Speak English With NEEPO, not only shows astounding results in getting learners to speak English quickly, it shows learners are happy, relieved, and very excited about learning to speak English with this eLearning course.

Learn to Speak English in the comfort of your home, office, school or training center and on your own time.

Great for corporate training, call centers and newcomer ESL programs in schools. You can easily enroll many students at once. Contact us for multiple enrollments.

This is a perfect preparation for the TOEFL test, which is a requirement to get accepted into many educational institutions.

ESL teachers may act as facilitators. Facilitator training is required and provided. The use of a Facilitator is beneficial but not a requirement to enroll in Speak English With NEEPO.

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