Benefits of using the eLearning course, Speak English With NEEPO

The benefits of using Speak English With NEEP0 are numerous:

  • Makes English 100% pure and regular so that it is easy to read, therefore easy to speak. It uses a unique, new phonetic writing system called NEEPO, which is made up of the 36 regular sounds of English and 10 combination sounds with a corresponding symbol to each of those sounds. It is NOT Phonics. Phonics is the sounds that letters make, which is complex and confusing for learners.
  • Learners speak English from day one (English Immersion)
  • No translator is needed. This avoids confusion and the slowing down of the learning process.
  • Minimizes foreign accents
  • Creates automatic and fluent English speech with pattern drills, pictures and built-in grammar instruction.  Learners are unaware they are learning to speak English using good grammar.
  • Shows rapid student success; very efficacious in getting the results administrators and teachers need to see and document
  • Assists student in adapting easily to the regular classroom and prepares them for employment or college where English is required to obtain a job or to be accepted into an educational facility.
  • Uses pure Latin/English Alphabet. It has been designed for education, ages 7-Adult.
  • Aides in developing beginning English speaking and comprehension skills
  • Monolingual –  Multiple non-English speakers of different languages can take the eLearning course at the same time. It accommodates any language; therefore, foreigners from any part of the world can enter the eLearning course and become English speakers almost immediately.
  • Bypasses the first language without affecting it
  • Controls pronunciation thereby minimizing the foreign accent
  • Built-in grammar instruction using audio-lingual pattern drills to teach the basic fundamentals of grammar without the learner being aware they are learning how to speak English correctly
  • Takes only 72 hours of instruction or less for a learner to acquire low intermediate level English oral communication skills whereas traditional methods may take up to 7 years of instruction to accomplish the same
  • Learners don’t have to anguish or suffer from the trauma of being placed in a regular classroom with proficient English speakers with little hope they will be able to start speaking English quickly and correctly. They can now have an equal opportunity to prosper in the educational worldwide system.
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