Kat Green is the CEO/Founder of New Phonetics Technology LLC. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education at SUNY at Buffalo with a Minor in English. Kat also earned a Vocational Credential at CSU at Fort Collins. To acquire that credential, she had to show 4,000 work hours in business, which she accumulated working for America West Airlines and Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals. In addition, she was required to complete nine semester hours of graduate coursework in Accelerated Learning. Kat Green has been certified to teach in five of the United States, which are New York, Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, and California. Her extensive experience in teaching, training, sales, management, and being an entrepreneur has empowered her to achieve her dream of getting Speak English With NEEPO to the World Education Market.

She was first introduced to the NEEPO Methodology and the Course, ESL Made Easy, in 1994. At that time, it was in textbook format. It had already produced miraculous results in a pilot study in San Diego and she knew in her heart that her mission from that point on would be to make certain that this amazing course would someway and somehow be made available to those who really wanted to learn to speak English correctly and easily without having an accent in 72 hours or less of practiced instruction using the very best technology available for education. The textbook course was then transferred to a CD-Rom format by an amateur instructional designer that was sufficient for a case study, but not marketable. Due to a lack of funding, the project to market the CD-Rom version of the Course was shelved. After 15 years of keeping her dream on hold, she found an investor who saw the vision and potential of the NEEPO methodology and the Course designed around it, and her dream became a reality.

Kat Green and a very talented instructional designer, Aaron Harrington, embarked on a mission to work as a team to develop and create a brand new eLearning version of the course that would “outshine” the original versions and be the educational tool that would empower those who want to begin speaking English fast and correctly with little or no accent. They labored for close to a year, working closely together and putting in long hours until they finally accomplished their goal. Thanks to modern, digital, e-learning technology, state-of-the-art online course development software, and the rise of user-friendly, online Learning Management Systems, Kat is now living her dream. Speak English With NEEPO is showing its “miraculous” powers to the world.

Kat Green can be reached at any time on her Cell at (505) 261-3644 or email at: katgreen@newphoneticstechnology.com

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