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What is Speak English With NEEPO?

Course Description

Speak English With NEEPO will revolutionize the way English is taught in the world today. This e-course teaches non-English, limited English speakers how to speak English fluently and correctly.  

Speaking is the very first skill that should be learned in any language. The e-course builds the foundation on how to correctly speak the English language using the powerful, magical method called NEEPO. 

It starts with the learning of the 36 sounds of English and the 9 combination sounds along with their corresponding New English Phonetic symbols to be able to read purely 100% consistent, regular phonetic English words on the screen in order to be able to speak English the way that it is spoken by native English speakers. 

The words are placed into sentences using pattern drills to teach correct English grammar and fluency of speech, along with pictures for association and understanding, which provides the foundation for proper development in learning how to speak English.  

The skills obtained by completing this e-course help transition a learner to the reading and spelling of traditional English (TEEO) Most traditional English words, 170,000+ in use today, are complicated and hard to learn to speak, read and spell without utilizing the NEEPO methodology.

Upon completion of this e-course, which can be completed in as little as 1-3 months,  depending on a learner’s diligence and determination to learn how to speak English the correct way, the graduate is now NEEPO trained and ready to use their recently acquired intermediate-level English-speaking skills to advance to higher levels of English-speaking ability. 

Using their NEEPO skill, graduates can now easily and with unprecedented speed acquire higher levels of English language communication skills utilizing classroom curriculum or life-skills e-courses based on the NEEPO method. 

(Soon to be developed) More advanced levels of speaking skills can be achieved utilizing the power of NEEPO and the e-course, Speak English With NEEPO.   

Facilitators may integrate the classroom curriculum to increase their learners' knowledge and English-speaking skills. Tasks can now be performed by learners that were unable to be performed before completing this e-course, which will boost literacy levels rapidly.


Our Products and Services

Non-English or limited English speaking learners can now learn to speak English in as little as 1-3 months that could easily take up to 7 years using traditional methods.

Private School Portal 

We set schools and teachers up on their own private portal to manage groups of students using a user-friendly Learning Management System

For Only $19.95/month, you can begin speaking English today.  Learners can complete the e-course in as little as 3-6 months if firm diligence is exercised.  

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